Sandra Brooks - DROPiT21

Inspiring and motivating people for over 20 years

Having been in the health and fitness industry inspiring and motivating people for over 20 years Sandra was well aware that a lot of wellbeing and weight loss programmes on the market were out-dated and not sustainable. They have not moved on with the times and taken advantage of new scientific research. She was also very mindful that lots of people are continuing to be fooled into short-term solutions with many weight loss brands selling pills, shakes and supplements that do nothing in the way of education.


Sandra had harboured thoughts for an online health and wellbeing programme for a number of years and it came to fruition in 2013 when Sandra trialled her first programme. The subsequent results and amazing feedback only confirmed the fact that there was a real need for an educational, clean eating, online, health, fitness and wellbeing service. This is where the foundations of DROPiT21 began. DROPiT21 was developed as a programme to not only coach people and produce fantastic results, but also to be something that could educate and empower the participant at the same time. It also needed to be sustainable once the 21 day programme was completed.

Since 2013 DROPiT21 has evolved into the programme it is today, having had many thousands of clients successfully complete the plan to date. DROPiT21, although UK based have global clients as far a field as New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Sandra has since expanded her DROPiT21 team with additional nutritional expertise and support services. With the back up of the DROPiT21 team you can be guaranteed to get the optimal results, motivation and knowledge you require during your journey.

Although DROPiT21 is designed to be sustainable as a stand alone programme, which has been proven time and time again. We were also aware that some customers may want a little more guidance moving forward and require additional support after the initial 21-days.

This is where the idea for DROPiT21 “Living” came about which is a monthly service designed to help turn what clients have learned into an ongoing, manageable Positive Lifestyle Change.

DROPiT21 “Living” delivers daily workouts, recipe suggestions and ongoing motivation.